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  Programmable Cyclic Corrosion Tester        

To get the resistance of the material or parts which have surface treatment (Including electroplate, coating, painting, etc.) against corrosion, dry, and humidity.
For hardware industry, screw industry, electroplate industry, automotive and motorcycle parts, communication industry, computer industry, electronic industry, coating industry, research institution, etc.

Test standards met:
  • Clean and elegant external appearance;Strong construction with high durability.
  • The flame of the device is made of C.P.V.C resistant to acids, alkalis, and heat.
  • Precisely temperature control with Digital temperature controller, P.I.D + S.S.R., to obtain accurate and stable temperature.
  • Automatically water-filling device; to eliminate manual operation.
  • Moist saturated air tank and salt water filter to prevent the spray block up.
  • Easily operate with time controller and timer.
  • Interactive touch screen make automatically operation. The operational conditions are shown clearly form screen.
Other size and capabilities available upon request. Please contact us with your application.
Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without notice.



Internal Dimension

90 × 60 × 50 W×D×H(cm)

External Dimension

170 × 95 × 125 W×D×H(cm)


Salt spray test

Corrosion resistance test

Dry test

Humidity test

Ambient environment test

Test Temperature

35°C ± 1°C

50°C ±1°C

60°C ± 1°C

40~50°C ±1°C

Ambient environment

Air Temperature

47°C ±1°C

63°C ±1°C



Test humidity

upward 95%

upward 85%

upward 50%

upward 95%

Spray Collected Volume


Control System

Programmable controller; P.I.D+S.S.R

External/internal Material

C.P.V.C resistant high temperature.

Protection System

Over-heat, lack of water, (electric) overload protection switch

Power Source

AC 220V 3/∮

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